Abbaye De Montmajour

Gratuit pour les moins de 26 ans ressortissants de l'Union Européenne et POUR TOUS LE 1ER DIMANCHE DU MOIS DE NOVEMBRE A MARS. Billet valable 1 an à compter de la date d'émission.   ACCES COUPE-FILE !


Local29 · Christmas Edition

Another year celebrating Christmas together … It deserves to do it in style! Christmas is a day to enjoy the moment, spend it with family and friends … a special day. In Local29 we have


Mandanga: No Genres No Boundaries

SATURDAY | 30 DECEMBER 2017 @ RAZZMATAZZ CLUB | Opening doors 01:00 am Mandanga is the meeting a handful of djs of Razzmatazz ready to play whatever they want in a death match to see


All Night Long By Adri Rizzo

All Night Long By ADRI RIZZO Genres: Techno,Electronic,House Lines Up: ADRI RIZZO,Rafa Angel Atmospheres: Underground Door Policies: Casual dress code Age Policies: +18 EUR 80,00 Acquista All Night Long By Adri Rizzo


Fase + 6tma

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. Night at night, our residents are the basic gear that makes this club progress, and although they are all used to warm the best level


Il meglio di Torino: Visita guidata in inglese

Ricevi tutte le migliori informazioni per il tour dei migliori luoghi e attrazioni di Torino e prenota i biglietti, senza fare la fila, a tariffe ufficiali. Resta informato, organizza e prenota il tuo tour a Torino, Italia.


Liberty Architecture in the city centre of Milan

A private guided walking tour to discover the beautiful Liberty style in the Ambrosian city that is Milan. You can see this beautiful style in renowned buildings and establishments such as the Casa Galimberti, Galleria


Ylia & Shawn Reynaldo

Since they debuted as an artistic couple at MOOG just over a year ago, Ylia and Shawn Reynaldo have become one of the most demanding underground references in Barcelona. Separately, there were already two names


David Lost + Uroz

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. Night at night, our residents are the basic gear that makes this club progress, and although they are all used to warm the best level


Classic tour of Milan city center

A walking tour discovering some of the highlights of Milan, starting with the Duomo cathedral, the elegant Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, La Scala Theatre Opera house from outside, a walk through the Sforza Castle and a visit


Best of MadeiraTour

Embark on an amazing tour to discover Eira do Serrado, Curral das Freiras and Monte with a friendly and professional guide. This is a journey to the center of Madeira Island where cloud-topped mountains descend


Jvs + Ruben Seoane

With just over twenty years, JVS is a promising talent from Madrid. Despite his short experience, he is an experienced DJ who has shared a cabin with many important names and that he was finalist


Zero + David Lost

Zero, one of the first Barcelona people who dared to manipulate the dishes and discs, is one of the most beloved and respected DJs in the city, and a living encyclopedia of musical wisdom, which


Uri Callejo + 6tma

In active service since pre-Olympic times, Uri Callejo is one of the most veteran and open-minded DJs in Barcelona, capable of acting with talent and wisdom both in frontline and post-night venues. Over the years,

Cernay La Ville

Cabaret Du Bout Des Pres

Réservation obligatoire au numéro indiqué sur le billet. Le choix de la date et du plat se fait directement auprès du cabaret. Le Cabaret du Bout des Prés est à Cernay La Ville, dans les


Rubens – Billet Open

Du lundi au dimanche de 10h30 à 19h Nocturne tous les vendredis jusqu'à 22h Nocturnes supplémentaires les lundis du 13 novembre au 18 décembre (pas de jour de fermeture hebdomadaire) Fermeture le 25 décembre Dernière



The festival that you have always wanted to fuck but that NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE TO DO ANOTHER! . Genres: Dance,EDM,Latin Atmospheres: Wild,Festival Door Policies: Smart Casual dress code Age Policies: +16 EUR 5,00 Acquista Girogresca


Latzaro (drok) + Olmos

A man, a stamp. Latzaro is very much excited about his DROK label, the best way to publish his music and that of his friends without problems and without ceasing to be blindfolded. A coherent


Dj Censura + Gus Van Sound

At DJ Censura we met him thanks to Discos Paradiso, where this painter was going to find material for his sessions, rare occasions but in which he demonstrated a prodigious technique and erudition. A few


Jewish Trieste

A professional tourist guide will bring you through Jewish heritage in Trieste. The Old Town And The Ghetto The ancient ghetto extends very close to the Borsa palace and the main square of Trieste, piazza

Issy Les Moulineaux

Le Secret Des Caves Oubliees

Aux Portes de Paris, plongez dans le dédale souterrain des chais de France et revivez l'histoire de la plus vieille bouteille de vin au monde dans ces crayères oubliées. C’est dans cette ancienne crayère d’Issy-Les-Moulineaux,